“Tis the Season to Give

‘Tis the season to give, so we’ve teamed up with the Idaho Foodbank and are holding a non-perishable food drive at our practice at 2240 E. Center St., Pocatello. We’ve got a lot of information about our Foodbank that we think is powerful stuff, so we’re going to share it with you. Keep reading for more information on why participating with our Idaho Foodbank is necessary, and why the Foodbank is such a valued organization.

  • The Idaho Foodbank Mission: “Our mission is to help feed, educate and advocate for Idaho’s hungry through collaborative partnerships to develop efficient solutions that strengthen individuals, families and communities.” The Idaho Foodbank
  • Hunger in Idaho: “More than 230,000 Idahoans, including more than 75,000 children, are food insecure, meaning they live at risk of hunger. More than 1 in 6 Idaho children and about 1 in 7 Idahoans is food insecure.” The Idaho Foodbank

“More than 230,000 Idahoans, including more than 75,000 children, are food insecure, meaning they live at risk of hunger. More than 1 in 6 Idaho children and about 1 in 7 Idahoans is food insecure.

Idaho Hunger Statistics – Updated May 4, 2017

  • The numbers improved for the second consecutive year, by nearly a full percentage point.
  • 1 in 7 Idahoans (232,180 people or 14.0%) is food insecure (down 0.7% from last year).
  • 76,070 Idaho children are food insecure. This is about 1 in 6 Idaho kids or 17.6% (down 1.5% from last year).
  • Idaho has 9 counties with childhood hunger higher than 20%. That’s down from 20 last year and 30 the year before.
  • North centralIdaho has also seen a decrease in overall food insecurity (15.8% overall, down from 16.3%/ 18% child, down from 19.8).
  • EasternIdaho has seen a decrease (13.6% overall, down from 14.2%/ 17.1% child, down from 18.5%).
  • Nearly 1 in 3 people who need assistance have income levels that prevent them from getting government assistance (29.4%).
  • Nearly half the people who need assistance qualify for SNAP or are below that income level (48.7%).
  • Overall food insecurity and rate have both hit levels below the first run of data from 2009 (2011 release)
  • The economy may be improving, but many people are still not seeing the benefits.
  • 5 counties are showing overall food insecurity rates below 10%

In Addition:

  • This study uses 2015 statistics, which are the most recent available.
  • Idaho’s hungry are falling short by nearly 6 meals every week. That’s two full days.
  • The average meal cost in Idaho has increased to $2.92 (up from $2.86)
  • Food is getting more expensive and Idaho’s hungry are falling further behind” The Idaho Foodbank

We choose to participate in food drives for several reasons-many of them mentioned above. Here are a few other reasons we do food drives at OrthoIdaho:

  1. Food drives fill the gap. There are several items that people need, but are not always available at the Foodbank. Food Drives increase the supply of high need items such as soup, peanut butter, tuna, canned fruits and vegetables, and personal care items.
  2. Food drives build community so people from a wide range of ages, neighborhoods, churches, schools, and businesses all work together for a common cause, get acquainted and become friends.
  3. Food drives increase the donor pool. Often, connections are made between the donor and the organization serving the hungry.
  4. Food Drives provide creative hands-on projects. The education provided to a child who takes a can out of the cupboard to share with someone who needs it can be far more valuable than putting money in a collection plate.

If you can donate a can or two of food this season, our food drive will go through Friday, December 22nd. Please bring your donations up to our practice, take a picture and post it to our Facebook page if you’d like, and celebrate the season by helping our community become a little less food insecure.


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